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Donation Total: $100.00 for six

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Arlington, United States


Azan: 5:21 am
Iqama: 5:45 am


Azan: 1:25 pm
Iqama: 2:15 pm


Azan: 5:06 pm
Iqama: 5:30 pm


Azan: 8:16 pm
Iqama: Azan + 10 minutes


Azan: 9:29 pm
Iqama: 9:45 pm


Azan: 1:30 pm
Iqama: 2:00 pm

The vision for Mansfield Islamic Center

The first phase of construction has began, the parking lot has been completed, the next additions to the project will be the gym, youth center, clinic, and temporary prayer room (musalla) all located on the first floor on the facility.

Our Programs

your contribution counts

Donate your Zakat al Maal to those who need it most and purifying your wealth for the will of Allah (SWT).

MIC masjid counts on your donations to keep it operational.

Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Your donation will be used where it’s needed most. Thank you for your generosity.

Personal Info

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Donation Total: $100.00

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Donation Total: $100.00 One Time